Pellejo Seco

Enganchate was their first album, an independent production distributed by CD Baby, in 2006.  “We’re the only Cuban septet in California that maintains the tradition of writing new music in the son style,” Camblor says.   The title can be loosely translated to mean “Grab On”. As you listen to this album, you will definitely want to grab onto the exciting roller coaster of musical themes and genres which winds you through a world full of complex energetic dance rhythms and beautiful love ballads. All the music on this album is composed by Ivan Camblor Allende.

Pellejo Seco’s second album is Despierta, with Chuchito Valdés on piano (CD Baby 2008). Their third is called Cuba Canta Pellejo Seco, a compilation of songs written by Ivan Camblor played by bands that revolutionized Cuban music in the 20th century, including Orchestra Aragon, El Septeto Nacional de Ignacio Pineiro, La Sonora Matanzera and Conjunto Chapotin. Their latest album is comprised of boleros sung by Sulkary Valverde Chibas, called Mood of the Bay.

Ivan Camblor-Tres/Vocals
Mario Silva-Trumpet/Vocals
Antonio Cortada-Bass/Vocals
Sulkary Valverde-Main -Vocal
Danilo Vitorte -Percussion/Vocals