Pellejo Seco

Enganchate, is the first CD for Pellejo Seco. The title can be loosely translated to mean “Grab On”. As you listen to this album, you will definitely want to grab onto the exciting roller coaster of musical themes and genres which winds you through a world full of complex energetic dance rhythms and beautiful love ballads. All the music on this album is composed by Ivan Camblor Allende.

Ivan is a new composer from Havana, Cuba. In Cuba, Ivan played his Tres (a Cuban guitar) with many traditional Cuban bands, many of which performed his songs. Other accomplishments for Ivan include a collaboration with Edesio Alejandro, the most prominent Cuban Soundtrack artist today, on two scores for the film, Hacerse el Sueco. Ivan moved to the United States in November 2004 to be with his wife, Deborah Simon-Weisberg, who is also featured on the CD singing “Calma.”

Ivan Camblor-Tres/Vocals
Mario Silva-Trumpet/Vocals
Antonio Cortada-Bass/Vocals
Sulkary Valverde-Main -Vocal
Danilo Vitorte -Percussion/Vocals