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Juan de Marcos Interview about Pellejo Seco, September 11, 2015. Changó, Orisha of lightening and storms, dance and music, is in the house. His colors are red and white.  Offer him red apples, red bananas, a red rooster.  He loves to sing; his dances are wild.  You will sense his presence all over town for the next two months, starting with the appearance of San Francisco-based Cuban son septet Pellejo Seco at the 12th annual Madison World Music Festival (Willy St. stage, Saturday, Sept. 19, 5:15 PM) ….. Read More >>> Pacific Sun, May 11, 2007 by Matt Kramer ” A Friday night fiesta at Larkspur Cafe Theatre kicks the weekend off, and I’m kicking myself that I won’t be able to attend. Pellejo Seco, an East Bay-based band greatly influenced by traditional Cuban music, graces Larkspur’s lovely listening room on one of those rare nights that I’ll be out enjoying some frivolity . . .” El Tecolote, April 19, 2007 by Raquel Martinez-Sharp ” Pellejo Seco is a Cuban Son Fusion band based out of San Francisco’ Bay Area. Ivan Camblor is the tresero, composer and founder of Pellejo Seco, and former leader of Cuba’s Son group Tembache. Ivan humbly considers Pellejo Seco a musical experiment, and says that he’s simply doing what he learned to do in Cuba’s streets . . .”, February 22, 2008 Photos and Text by Tom Ehrilch ” Pellejo Seco’s first trip to Santa Cruz was a huge success. The large crowd was all smiles and the dance floor stayed full all night. . .” San Francisco Chronicle, September 4, 2008 by Andrew Gilbert ” As a young musician growing up in Havana, Ivan Camblor ignored taunts from his friends who eagerly sought out contraband American jazz and rock recordings. . .”